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I’m a 

Interested in web technologies like Web Audio, SVG, D3 and CSS animations.

Welcome to my never-enough-updated site... A place where I can openly talk about anything and develop using !important and z-index: 999999.


  • Noise-box
    Some audio projects made with Vue.js, vanilla Javascript, Web Audio api and of course open source projects and ideas from other developers. Currently a Guitar Amp simulator and a Stylophone simulator. You can visit them at Noise-box .
  • Software Engineering
    I currently work for Clarity.ai as a Senior frontend developer. We aim to provide societal impact tools to optimize investment portfolios.
  • Blog
    Articles in this site about the technologies I'm a fan of.
  • Music
    I play the guitar and years ago recorded a couple of self-produced Punk rock albums with two friends in a band called xInerzia        
    Now I'm also learning to play Violin and hopefully I'll record some more stuff soon...


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